04 August 2012

Tír Chonaill

Just pics this week. Postcards from the western edge.

Just before an afternoon swim. (Iz checking out the beach too).
Click here for just after the swim 
Laminaria sp. Kelp.
Cakile maritima, Sea Rocket
Campanula rotundifolia, Harebell
Just before a morning swim.
Northwest sunset

Erica tetralix, Cross-leaved heath
Erica cinerea (well, she had to get a mention)
Euphrasia officinalis, Eyebright

Old apple trees in the orchard, still doing well

Thanks to our hosts as always. 
To Wildflowers of Ireland for help with some identification. 
And to the weather gods for some beautiful days.


  1. em...what country were you in...em..em..ne'er a' shower a' rain...I want to got to that counrrry too...graineweile xoxox

    1. hey gráine, you must have been back east last week, up in the northwest we had some good days. always a good day when you can get a swim in :-)