16 September 2012


It's the turn of the invertebrates this week. I'll let the pics speak for themselves. All of them except the obvious odd one out were taken in my greenhouse.

Nicandra physalodes, flower open wide, waiting for pollinators
The traditional pollinator in this part of the world, a honey bee (with full pollen sacs), comes in to land
Bees aren't the only ones, a small fly comes in for a look...

... and likes what it sees

A hover fly (or 'steady bee') pauses...

... and then gets in on the action (this particular hover fly is called Helophilus pendulus) ...
... and here's another one trying out a tiny Allium 

Autumn is mating time for spiders and there are lots of spectacular webs around
(this pic is also this week's spot-the-schnauzer btw). 
Have a good week all. 


  1. Ooh that's a tricky one! Black blur to the right of the tree? Fab spiderweb too!