18 October 2012


We're heading off on our travels again this weekend: Portugal for a wedding of two dear friends (looking forward to it guys.)

But Canada still lingers in my mind, so here are a few pics from the Montréal Botanical Gardens  again. One is of a 270-year-old Bonsai juniper. Incredible to think that it was back in the mid-1700s when someone planted the seed of this tree and started tending it:

Juniperus chinensis var. sargentii, 270 years old
Donor to the Montréal Botanical Gardens:
Kenichi Oguchi, Nippon Bonsai Society, Japan
The Japanese Garden in the Montréal gardens was the first place that I've seen a lotus plant in person (so to speak). Amazing:

Lotus drops
More Lotus
Appropriately enough, the Chinese Gardens had beautiful stands of Miscanthus sinensis, in flower at this time of the year:

Miscanthus sinensis
And that's where I'll leave it for now.
Normal service will resume next week.
Well sort of...
With any luck there'll be some Portuguese flora to admire.

Have a good week all.

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