26 May 2013

Galloping gastropods

As I write this, at 22:34 on a May evening, with twilight just about to give way to night, B is out in the garden  with a torch/flashlight in one hand, hell bent on destruction. The telltale snail and slug trails have been spotted on my alpines, which are in a box of sand, up on a workbench, in the greenhouse and *still* the snails manage to have their raspy way with them. Yuk. Yes, I know, we should love all living things, but it's hard to be tolerant of galloping gastropods when your lettuces are shredded, your hostas fretted and your alpines grazed. Thanks B.

Not too many words this week. Just some photos from my own garden. Beautiful weather (set to end tonight) has meant I've spent many hours in the garden, lapping up the sunshine. Already, rain and gale-force winds are on their way across the country, so we have enjoyed every minute we could.

I took some time away from the garden to do a bit more work on the Yew and to go to my last drawing class for now - and what a lovely one it was. We spent it in the Bots, both in the greenhouses and out in the gardens. Lots of sketching: one-minute, five-minute with our teacher calling time. This concentrated the mind very well and even allowed me to blank out the passing visitors and curious onlookers most of the time. Thanks IM!

And from sketching in the Botanic gardens to the first annual Bloom Botanical Art exhibition, which opened today in the Phoenix Park. There's some really lovely work there, some of it from women I've come to know over the last few months and it was great to see their work in person. A lot of talent around, but a difficult enough niche to sell work in I'd imagine.  For all that, a couple of works had sold before the white wine had warmed in the glasses, so I hope that augurs well for the artists whose work is there.

Allium 'Purple Sensation' and various Aquilegia in the garden

Cercis canadensis - every year it's a surprise when the pink flowers buds emerge straight from grey branches

Geum 'Koi', that I've just put into a pot

Aquilegia (Granny's Bonnet)
YewTwo - dabbling with paint

Finally, a spot-the-schnauzer in the local park one morning this week. This is especially for CH, who's heading off for a few months and may be reading this blog from time to time in India: bon voyage and may the work go well.

Have a good week all.

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